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On an 18 item feedback survey assessing creo™, satisfaction with the online course was an 
average of 90% (SD = 14; Median = 100%).
We asked a group of creo™ registrants to share what they thought important things they learned from creo™ were. Their answers varied across the different sessions. These are some of the responses in the registrants’ own words, categorized by topic:

The Research Question: “Design of a robust research question”; “Depth to which
          research questions can and should be defined”; “Defining  research questions
          well is key to good “pain-free” research”
Critical Appraisal: “New approach to critical appraisal”; “learned more about what
          information to evaluate in papers regarding surveys”
Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods: “Important details regarding 
          qualitative research”; “Research methods decisions need to be revisited 
          multiple times to make useful”
Statistics: “Proper matching of study design and statistics”; “I learned more  
          about appropriate statistics”; “The statistics activity is + + useful”; “Stats  
          analysis refresher for different project designs”
Knowledge Translation: “Knowledge translation is a big deal for funding up front”

Qualitative Feedback
Quantitative Feedback
We engage in our own evidence-based practice!
As we collect data on learning processes, outcomes, and student evaluations, we will 
share here.
High Fives
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