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This platform is built on IRIS software. Thank you to our main points of contact for all things IRIS!

Kaitlin Perri (development of creo™)
Greg Zwaagstra (maintenance and support) 

About creo™
creo™ was created at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

A part of the IWK’s mission is to pursue excellence in care, teaching, and research through 
a spirit of discovery and innovation. In order to support this mission, the consulting scientist team at the IWK work on achieving excellence in health research by providing research education, expertise, and support to the IWK Health Centre, NSHA, and our academic partners. 

creo™ Working Group
Patrick McGrath, OC, PhD, 
Advisory Committee
The creo™ advisory committee was initiated in 2013, to support the development, 
implementation, and evolution of creo™

We are grateful to our committee members for their time and expertise in helping 
creo™ achieve its potential.

creo™ advisory committee members: 

Krista Ritchie, PhD
Co-developer and contributor of creo™
Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, Mount Saint Vincent University

Robert Bortolussi, MD, FRCPC 
Clinician, IWK Health Centre, Professor, Medicine, Dalhousie. 

Margot Latimer, PhD, RN
Clinician, IWK Health Centre. Associate Professor, School of Nursing, Dalhousie

Gavin Morrison, MD
Chief of Pediatric Critical Care, IWK Health Centre

Constance LeBlanc, MD 
Associate Dean, Continuing Medical Education, Dalhousie University

Saad Chahine, PhD
Assistant Professor, Centre for Education Research and Innovation, Western 

Kathleen Leadon
Director, Research Services Office, IWK Health Centre​

Tanya MacLeod
Research Associate, Division of Medical Education, Dalhousie Univeristy
Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer! 

Thank you to our volunteers who have contributed to creo™:

Reham Shalaby
Natalie Martinez
Rebecca Sutton

IRIS Software
Jaimie L. Corbin
Web Developer and Graphic Designer, 
IWK Health Centre 

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Jill Hatchette, PhD 
Consulting Scientist, IWK Health Centre