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Why we made creo™
Welcome to the IWK Health Centre
Research is key to achieving the best results in health care. Staff, trainees, and 
physicians in health centres across Canada are looking to increase their own 
research literacy and skills. An online, interactive learning opportunity, targeted 
at health care professionals is needed. creo™ was created to fill this need. 

Our goal is to build research capacity and promote a culture of research in health 
care education and practice. 
What is creo™?
Accessible, interactive and immediately relevant by design, creo™ builds research 
capacity among healthcare professionals and trainees by providing research 
design and methodology training wherever it is needed, whenever it is needed. 
The creo™ platform is engaging and easy to navigate, providing the learner with 
explicit learning objectives across a range of research design and methodology 
topics. Activities, discussion boards, relevant cases, self-assessment and expert 
feedback build research capacity in a way that is immediately applicable and 
meaningful to the learner.

The instructional design is guided by learning theory, needs assessments, and 
evidence. Key features include: 

​•Engaging and easy to navigate, with explicit learning objectives for each 
Activities are designed to integrate content with users’ personal interests.
Discussion boards connect learners with each other and with experts.
Links are provided to current and best evidence, as well as external sites to  
          continue learning and “dig deeper” when interested.
Cases include clinical problems and concrete examples to make lessons 
Assesses learning through formative and summative assessment strategies.
Reports can be generated to document time spent in creo, broken down by 
A library saves all work completed in the system – this can help you reflect on   
          what you have learned as well as provide evidence of work for accountability 
Who needs creo™?
creo™ is designed for health care professionals and trainees wanting to increase 
their health research literacy and basic skills to engage meaningfully in and 
contribute to a culture of evidence based practice. 

You need creo™ if you have the goal to learn about: 

​•Literature search strategies
​•Critical appraisal of journal articles
Developing and refining research questions
Research methods and design considerations in health research
Tests and Measures
Qualitative Research Design
Knowledge Translation
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NOTE: This course is FREE for IWK staff, IWK MDSS, NSHA staff, NSHA MDSS and CCHCSP trainees. If you do not fit this criteria for access, you can email us at idr@iwk.nshealth.ca to purchase a site license. Group rates can be negotiated. Alternatively, HealthcareCan also delivers creo™ through their online course offerings. You can learn more about this option at:
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These are some useful online resources for health researchers and trainees. 

Webulators (web-based calculators):
OpenEpi, Open Source Epidemiologic Statistics for Public Health.
Russ Lenth's, For Power and Sample Size Estimation.
Cohen’s seminal paper, A Power Primer (includes a generic table of recommended sample size for common analyses).

Systematic Reviews:
Cochrane Handbook, For Systematic Reviews of Interventions.
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Five Steps to Conducting a Systematic Review.

Knowledge Translation:
KT Canada, KT Clearinghouse
Melanie Barwick, KT Training and Tools

Research-Related Social Networking:
Methodspace, Connecting the Research Community.
Research Gate, Access Scientific Knowledge.
N2 Canada, Network of Networks
Organized Curiosity, Improving Health Care Through Research.
Research Toolbox
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